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TI-84 Plus

TI-84 Plus


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5 Stars Great and convenient service.
by Hailey F from Texas, USA on Aug 29, 2022
  I rented this calculator for an 8-week course, and it was exactly what I needed. The shipping to receive it was fast and I got it way before my course started so that relieved some worries. After mailing it back to them, I promptly got an email saying they received the calculator and thanking me for doing so. Overall, a really simple process and saved me quite a bit of money. If I needed something like this again, I would definitely come back to Graphtor.
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2 Stars Okay calculator, Service isnt good
by a member from Cleveland, Ohio on Jan 25, 2022
  I am writing this before I have to potentially pay more than what I anticipated. I reached out to a rep of the company right before the end of my rental saying I wanted to keep the calculator and was willing to pay. Despite making myself clear in the beginning I was still being charged for monthly rentals even though I said I wanted rentals to be removed, but monthly bills kept accumulating without my knowledge because I updated my debit card after I thought the rep put in place that the calculator would no longer be rented out. I had a lengthy back and forth with the rep and they showed no empathy or couldn't apologize for the inconvenience taking place. Companies will do everything they can to get all their money but refuse to take accountability for something that could have been prevented had they just done their job and not wait around. Very disappointed in the service here, I will never rent from this company or recommend anyone else to even do business with this company ever again. I sense lack of care or lenience at all at the end of it all. The representative I spoke to was fairly rude and just stated what I need to do without saying please or nothing, very disappointed at the service. Had they just charged my card from the getgo I wouldn't have to go through this. Just get a calculator from amazon or something you'd better off, save yourself the harassment and headache trying to reason with these people.
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5 Stars Amazing People!!
by Stephanie Campos from Yuma, Arizona USA on Feb 1, 2021
  I can not thank Graphtor enough! They really helped me out this last semester. I was struggling to find an affordable option to rent or perhaps purchase a calculator and Graphtor had amazing deals and I found exactly what I was looking for. They are really understanding and they just want to help out with their amazing services. Again thank you Graphtor I highly recommend them.
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5 Stars Very easy to use and cost-effective
by Darice Harper from Durham, NC USA on Jul 31, 2013
  I needed a calculator for statistics but as a full time college student and single mom, I couldn't afford to spend $100+ for a calculator I would probably never use again. Graphtor just made sense and it was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Graphtor!
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5 Stars Excellent
by Carolina Cerrato on Jun 14, 2011
  No complaints. Easy to use.
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