Frequently Asked Questions

Updated April 30th, 2018


Q) What are my options for renting a calculator?
Rent for a semester or school year. Semester terms are four months and a school year is ten months from the date of the order (Example: You order your calculator for a semester on August 15th, we must receive your calculator before December 15th to avoid further monthly charges). You can still keep the calculator longer, you'll just continue to pay a discounted rate until the calculator is returned or the replacement fee is paid.


Q) What if I only need it for a month or two?  Like for summer school?
No problem. Select the semester rental and complete your order as normal. Upon your return of the calculator you'll receive a refund based on the date of the rental and the date of its delivery to our mailbox based on the tracking information. (Example: You order your calculator on August 15th, we must receive your calculator before October 15th to get the 2 month refund amount). 


Length of rental          1 month           2 months           3 months

Refund amount              $20                   $10                     $5


Q) Is this site safe?
We use the latest encryption to meet industry standard PCI compliance. What that means is we follow the same guidelines as all leading online merchants. We've been in business since 2009 and you can review tons of great feedback from previous customers by clicking the Testimonials link at the top.


Q) I'm done using the calculator, what now?
When you are ready to return the calculator, follow these steps:

1.     Confirm the calculator is in the same condition as it was shipped to you and that it has both the slide cover & battery cover.

2.     Go to My Account, log in, click on “Order History”, then click on “download” for the appropriate order, and print your prepaid shipping label.

3.     Attach the shipping label to the padded envelope provided by us for shipping the calculator. If the padded envelope is missing, one can be purchased at the post office for less than $2.00. Do not use a box or Priority Mail envelope.

4.     Put the calculator into the envelope and seal the envelope.

5.     Drop the envelope in a blue USPS mailing bin at your local post office. You're done!


Q) How do I know when to return the calculator?
We know things get forgotten near the end of classes. That’s why we provide three ways of knowing when to return your rental. First, we send an email one month before the calculator is due back. This includes a suggested “mail by” date to ensure delivery before the first monthly charge. It’ll also let you know about a discounted extension fee if you need it another semester. Second, we also send you a text message the same day as the email. Third, log into your account, you’ll see the date you rented, the due date, and the new due date if you decide to extend the rental.


Q) Is shipping included?
You have three options for shipping the calculator to you:

First Class mail:      $4.00

Priority Mail:            $7.00

Express Mail:          $23.00

We pay for return shipping via USPS First class mail. If you choose to return the calculator to us other than by the USPS prepaid shipping label provided, you are responsible for those shipping costs and are also required to use tracking on the package.


Q) When do you ship?
Orders placed before 2:00pm Arizona time are shipped same day, Monday-Friday. Arizona doesn't observe daylight savings. What this means is during winter months we are 2 hours behind Eastern and during the summer we are 3 hours behind Eastern.


Q) How long till I get my calculator?
First-Class Mail – Approx. 4-7 business days. 
Priority Mail – Approx. 2-3 business days.
Express-Mail - next day or 2nd day. (In most cases.)
To check the estimated arrival time of Express-Mail packages, 
click here. Our zip code is 85048. Next day is available if you are in a major metropolitan area, the further away you are from one the longer it will take. In rare cases USPS will not deliver on a Saturday and will push Express delivery to Monday depending on your location.


Q) I need to keep the calculator longer, what do I do?
If you only need the calculator another 1-3 months just hold on to it. Your credit card will be billed the monthly rate on the anniversary date of your order four months after you first rented. (Example: You order on August 15th, you’ll be billed on the 15th of each month starting in December until the calculator is received back before the next monthly charge). 

If you need the calculator more than 3 months then please log into your account and you'll see the option to extend your rental which will be cheaper for you. Please do this before the end of your four month contract to get the lower rate otherwise the discounted fee won't be available and you'll pay the regular monthly fee.


Q) I need to change calculators. What do I do?
Order a different model from what your teacher requires? No problem. Email us your order number or name on the account and which model you need to switch to. As long as it’s in stock we’ll ship out the calculator after the shipping charges are paid. Shipping charges are reflected above in “Is shipping included?


Q) Can I cancel an order?
You may cancel an order only as set forth in the Terms of Service. You may cancel an order provided that your order has not already been shipped. In the event that an order has already shipped, you agree that the refund will be the full amount charged minus the applicable shipping fee.  The calculator will need to be received before any adjustments in billing will be made.


Q) I cancelled/dropped my class, do I have to pay for the rest of my contract?
In the event that you dropped/canceled your class you can return the calculator using the prepaid shipping label. Upon receipt, we will handle your order in the same manner as above, "Need a calculator for a month or two."


Q) I'm a teacher at a school and need to rent in bulk. Can I do that?
We sure do and have helped several schools over the years. Please contact us directly at info@graphtor.com and let us know of the dates needed and quantity desired and we'll go from there. Please email from a school email address.

Q) When can I expect a response to my e-mail?
Generally, we try to respond to e-mails within 24 hours. However, there are times when we receive a high volume of e-mails and responses may take longer.

Q) I lost/damaged the slide cover/battery cover, what happens now?
Send the calculator back to us with the damaged items using the prepaid shipping label. Upon receipt, we will test the calculator and record the condition. At that time, we will determine if any replacement fees (at our sole discretion) will be charged to your card and notify you in writing if any fees are charged.  Replacement slide covers are $12 and battery covers are $9.

Q) I lost/damaged my calculator, what is the cost and can I get another?
We understand that things happen, calculators get dropped, misplaced, or sometimes stolen. Please notify us immediately and we can ship out a replacement calculator if you still need one for the rest of your subscription term. The replacement calculator will be shipped after your credit/debit card on file is charged the replacement rate for your model number located below. Please return the damaged unit to us using the prepaid shipping label at 
My Account so that we can determine if they can be salvaged. We may cancel your account for excessive lost/damaged calculators.

Calculator Replacement Fee:
Any model - $75

Q) What if I forget to update my credit/debit card and/or billing address?
You are responsible to keep your credit/debit card and billing information current at all times. This includes having the necessary funds or credit available to cover the monthly charge to your card. If a payment cannot be charged for whatever reason and it is not paid within 31 days, a late fee of $10 will be added for each month fees are due. After 31 days from the first failed charge attempt, any fees that remain unpaid may be forwarded to a collection agency at that time (including a calculator replacement fee) and will also be subject to an additional collection agency fee of 25%. Customers account will be cancelled and prevented from renting in the future even after all fees and collection agency fees are paid. While accounts are in collections, they will still be charged the regular monthly fee and $10 late charge on the same date as the subscription began each month.

If an overdue account is assigned for collection, you agree to pay all reasonable collection costs, attorney fees, and court costs incurred. It is further agreed that all overdue accounts shall bear interest at the maximum rate allowed by law. 

Q) Anything else I should know?
All our graphing calculators go through testing and cleaning before making it to the shelves. All graphing calculators available for rent here are property of Graphtor LLC. Graphtor LLC does not represent, is not affiliated with and is not sponsored by Texas Instruments Inc. TI logos and TI product names are unique registered trademarks of Texas Instruments Inc. 

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