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5 Stars Thank you so much!!
by Cherie from Georgia on Oct 7, 2022
  Such a life savor! 😩 very affordable and the calculator worked great. I’m so glad this establishment exists, I really didn’t want to purchase a calculator of my own. 😅
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5 Stars Great and convenient service.
by Hailey F from Texas, USA on Aug 29, 2022
  I rented this calculator for an 8-week course, and it was exactly what I needed. The shipping to receive it was fast and I got it way before my course started so that relieved some worries. After mailing it back to them, I promptly got an email saying they received the calculator and thanking me for doing so. Overall, a really simple process and saved me quite a bit of money. If I needed something like this again, I would definitely come back to Graphtor.
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5 Stars Thank you!
by Alyssa Sanchez from Merced, CA on Aug 23, 2022
  Thank you for the great experience Graphtor! I didn’t want to spend $130+ for a calculator that I was only going to use for a few months so this website really helped me out.
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5 Stars Thank you!
by Michelle on Jun 4, 2022
  It served its purpose and I will be using you again!
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1 Stars Crappy Service
by a member from Houston, TX USA on Jun 4, 2022
  I already returned the calculator and my billing information is still on my account which they billed for the next month with no receipt that I returned it. I reached out to customer service and they told me there was damage on the calculator when it was working fine after I tested it before sending back. Pretty sure if that was true then the calculator they sent me was already faulty then. They then told me they would charge me a replacement fee if they can’t fix it and has not reached back to me on what they’ll do next. My account should already said that I returned the calculator as they confirmed they received it but this company still has me billed for it. Not worth it sorry.
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5 Stars super easy, and best prices
by a member from Royal Oak, MI on May 17, 2022
  thanks graphtor, this is exactly what i needed. When i called my bookstore and they did not do calculator rentals i was super bummed. Your service was incredibly useful, as i only had one math class. Thanks!
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