Graphtor Testimonials

Graphtor Testimonials

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5 Stars I found my experience with Graphtor exceptional.
by Jaclyn Racolta from Mundelein, IL on May 27, 2013
  I have already been spreading the word because I know a few people who have to take statistics and I have referred them to your site to rent the calculator. The no deposit is a huge bonus and allowing me an extension for the calculator shows you like to make your customers happy. Overall I was very pleased with my experience and I would use your site for any of my future needs.
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5 Stars Extremely helpful
by a member from Orange County, CA on Dec 29, 2020
  This is one of the most helpful services for a student. Instead of paying for a calculator that I’m likely to not ever use again after a single semester, Graphtor rented one out to me for a price of a single meal. I am definitely coming back if the need is to arise again.
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5 Stars Awesome
by a member from Los Angeles, CA USA on Dec 19, 2020
  lasted the whole semester and came quickly. super cheap option compared to purchasing the calculator itself. loved it!
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5 Stars Your rental service was great. 
by Kendal FURMAN  from Carlsbad, CA on Dec 18, 2020
  Thank you Francis I appreciate the detailed instructions.  Happy Holidays.
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