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Graphtor Testimonials

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5 Stars I found my experience with Graphtor exceptional.
by Jaclyn Racolta from Mundelein, IL on May 27, 2013
  I have already been spreading the word because I know a few people who have to take statistics and I have referred them to your site to rent the calculator. The no deposit is a huge bonus and allowing me an extension for the calculator shows you like to make your customers happy. Overall I was very pleased with my experience and I would use your site for any of my future needs.
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5 Stars great company, support them!
by Gerry Abella from queen creek, az on Jul 27, 2021
  needing a graphing calculator for my calculus class, i googled "rent graphing calculator". unfortunately on june 30, 2021, i clicked on the first site listed and immediately placed an order, paying their deposit. a week later, i received no calculator, nor any other correspondence besides the initial "thank you for your order' email. taking a leave of absence from work to go back to school full time is a bit stressful (especially with a family), so at this point i'm out a deposit for a calculator which i STILL haven't received, but i still need a calculator for class. i googled again and found this AMAZING site that we're on right now. i found their email address and sent an inquiry about their stock, and wouldn't you know, they responded in a timely manner! talk about a great start. they had what i needed, and seeing the mailing address wasn't too far from where i live, i asked if i could pick up the calculator same day. they stated they're a small at-home business and they only ship calculators out. no problem! i wouldn't want people showing up to my house either. being that they're local, i received my calculator 1 day after they shipped. just in time for the section where we started using the calculators in class. i've spread the word to my other classmates about how great this company is, and to support local businesses.
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5 Stars Extremely helpful
by a member from Orange County, CA on Dec 29, 2020
  This is one of the most helpful services for a student. Instead of paying for a calculator that I’m likely to not ever use again after a single semester, Graphtor rented one out to me for a price of a single meal. I am definitely coming back if the need is to arise again.
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5 Stars Awesome
by a member from Los Angeles, CA USA on Dec 19, 2020
  lasted the whole semester and came quickly. super cheap option compared to purchasing the calculator itself. loved it!
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