Graphtor Testimonials

Graphtor Testimonials

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5 Stars Thank you
by Michelle from Escondido, CA on Jan 25, 2022
  It served its purpose and I will be using you again!
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5 Stars I found my experience with Graphtor exceptional.
by Jaclyn Racolta from Mundelein, IL on May 27, 2013
  I have already been spreading the word because I know a few people who have to take statistics and I have referred them to your site to rent the calculator. The no deposit is a huge bonus and allowing me an extension for the calculator shows you like to make your customers happy. Overall I was very pleased with my experience and I would use your site for any of my future needs.
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5 Stars I appreciate your website more than you know.
by Nikolas Baldwin from Ohio on Jun 3, 2023
  You shipped it out and I had it in only a few days, and thanks to that I was able to study and pass an exam where it was needed for the next week. It helped me all through the semester and I passed the statistics course with my first A in any math class, so thanks :) love y'all 
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1 Stars Scam
by Joslynn Whaley on Jun 3, 2023
  Do not buy this website is a scam. The calculator came and the buttons were so old it took me 30-40 tries to get one number out. Like who has time for that on a test. I contact them and they literally ignored my email. Will never visit this site again and I would hope you do the same. This is a legit review none of that fake reviews everyone else is giving. I hope I can help someone as I wish I had a real review like this one before wasting money on this scam.
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5 Stars First time!
by Brittney Warren from Atlanta, GA on May 12, 2023
  Found out two days before classes started that I needed a TI-84 calculator, this calculator arrives during my first week of classes! It worked great all semester and for testing. Highly recommend renting! If I ever need one for class again I will use Graphtor.
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